WWE Friday Night Smackdown! 12.06.2009 (10/10)

01: http://videos.sapo.pt/oN5lqN5QF7zdhCVVHyPw

02: http://videos.sapo.pt/vEz2h7hRMiO61Amb4pHI
03: http://videos.sapo.pt/LcALrfFjNFTClrSVfaEW
04: http://videos.sapo.pt/pSrCTRAqzlGEoEd9wZjQ
05: http://videos.sapo.pt/APlnSzrsl5TlJZL5bVjV
06: http://videos.sapo.pt/s4aFff83vnU9M10IZGbU
07: http://videos.sapo.pt/LDWoJ6ztOmBAz2qZSdHJ
08: http://videos.sapo.pt/QlUDPGvQo9shSLGTqhSK
09: http://videos.sapo.pt/rNUfbJKeGAq3hCeda3v6

10: http://videos.sapo.pt/zHJmYzsUvtualFYDuo77

Obrigado ao Gold Standard do Wrestling Alliance pelo Upload

Disfrutem do Show!

Enjoy the Show!

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